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Starting a business?
Do you need a logo? What about branding? A website? Are you lost in navigating how to get yourself online?

We can help.

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We like making your business look good online...

Like, really good.


Why choose us?

We are a local and trusted small business that simply wants to help other small businesses take the leap online.
Seriously, we love doing it.

Who We Are


Patrick Day


Chris Rhodes

Patrick has completed multiple projects for educational institutions, private companies and sole traders. Projects range from logos, web design, automation, marketing and audio / visual creations. He has a BSc Cyber Security and Computer Forensics (he uses his powers for good, don't worry).

Chris is an English Teacher and Pastoral lead at a local secondary school. He worked in the legal sector for 10 years prior to moving into a career that enables him to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young people as well as allowing him to teach a subject he is passionate about. Chris is our Finance Director, Editor and Copywriter. 

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